For whom has this platform been created?

This platform is suited for readers, writers, booksellers, and book marketing specialists who are able to offer their services to writers and book sellers alike.

Can I sell my e-books through your platform?

Yes you can sell your self published e-books through our platform.


The bookstore is the heart of the literary community. We love bookstores.  We wish to support them.  And it's our mission to return readers to them.

To make this possible we need you to Register with us, and to complete your profile. We will tell our members about you. And we will do this free of charge. In return we ask that you tell your customers about us?  This will help us to achieve our mission and you to benefit from additional sales.

We will:

  • Create a place on the Literary Globe where readers can find you.
  • Help with making events visible and provide community support. It’s often difficult for readers to learn about literary events whether they are visiting, at home or on holiday.  You can post your event on the Literary Globe so that we can all know about it. 
  • Help make connections with authors to create opportunities spontaneity. For example, we intend to encourage impromptu readings by famous, or not yet famous, authors “just passing by” your community.
  • Provide instant exposure for your literary events.
Literary Service Provider

The Literary Globe welcomes individuals and businesses who will assist our authors in writing, editing, marketing, and selling their books. You decide how much your work is worth. You arrange payment directly with our members (we take no commission).

We welcome, coaches, writing-schools, copy-writers, editors, ghost-writers, illustrators, translators, marketers, printers, and event organizers.

There is no upfront commitment, no annual contract, only a monthly membership fee of €9.95 per month.

We offer:

  • Access to our readers and writers. A targeted and focused marketplace for your services.
  • A one-stop-shop for your customers where they can find and contact you directly.
  • A customized profile to support your business and expertise. Links to your own web-site, promotional videos, and a listing of your products and services.

You might list the books that you have translated, ghost-written, illustrated or edited. Add testimonials, professional qualifications, or memberships of professional organizations. You can also advertise an exhibition of book illustrations, an open day at a writing-school, a coffee morning on the benefits of employing a ghost-writer.

Who can benefit from membership in the Literary Globe?

Aspiring writers, published authors, bookstore owners and avid readers—virtually anyone connected to the world of books—will benefit from membership in the Literary Globe. No matter where you are in the literary world, you'll gain marketing expertise, connections with potential audiences, and a focused marketplace for literary services.

What if I've never published anything but want to write my first novel?

You're an ideal candidate for the Literary Globe Academy since you're poised to do market research before writing your first word. In the Literary Globe Academy, you'll learn how to focus your work to effectively target potential audiences and avoid commercial failure.

I've completed my first book manuscript. What now?

Your Literary Globe membership connects you to publishers, illustrators, copywriters, editors, translators, coaches, ghostwriters and other literary service providers—all the resources you need for literary success. By inviting our community to participate in your first book launch, you'll maximize exposure to potential audiences.

I'm a published author. Can the Literary Globe help me?

In today's competitive literary marketplace, writing is one part art and two parts business. The race for readers demands not only quality work, but also superior marketing. Through the Literary Globe, authors can promote readings, book discussions, and other events through online videos, webinars, and podcasts.

Can I sell my books through the Literary Globe?

Not only can you sell your print and e-books through the Literary Globe, but you can retain all royalties. While traditional publishers receive up to 15% of a book's retail price, authors who promote and sell their works on the Literary Globe retain all rights, as well as all profits from their works.

I'm a bookstore owner. Can my membership in the Literary Globe boost sales?

Our primary mission is to return readers to bookstores. By creating a Literary Globe profile, you'll help book-lovers find you, whether you're located in their hometown or in a destination they're visiting. In addition, you'll gain exposure for author appearances, book signings, and other literary events. We offer this service free in return we ask that you promote the Literary Globe with your readers.

I love to read. Why should I join the Literary Globe?

Your Literary Globe membership will help you discover bookstores around the world. In addition, you'll gain awareness of writing programs, book discussion groups, and other readers who share your interests.

I'm a traditional publisher. Can the Literary Globe help me?

Yes! The Literary Globe is a clearinghouse for literary services information, including publishing, writing, editing, illustration, translation, and marketing, Through your membership, you'll gain access to our readers and writers in a focused marketplace for your services.

What does Literary Globe membership cost?

There's no upfront commitment and no annual contract. The Literary Globe charges NO fees, commissions or royalties when you sell your book or e-book on our platform.

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