The Literary Globe is a universe of authors (published and self-published), readers, bookstores, publishers and literary service providers. All found in one place and united in our common love of storytelling. And for you it means that your work has a much higher chance of being seen and therefore success!

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Here's what's in it for you:

  • Authors/writers – Can friend the bookstores and readers that are selling and reading their books. This means that bookstores can electronically re-order additional copies or in some cases ask for collection. Authors can create multi-events and readers can track and attend author presentations globally. They can email Bookstores keeping them informed giving info such as when the new book will become available. Authors can have their own bookstores and sell directly to readers by way of linking to Amazon and Book Depository. For a small fee of €50 this entitles you life-long membership and three months free book advertising.
  • If you are a bookstore or Library– let readers find you, your specialty, and other practical info. Let our global community know what events are coming up so that other readers may join in, including those travelling readers. Help us unite and share important information so that we can support each other. And let bookstores and libraries flourish again.
  • Literary Service Providers - These are organizations that all have a literary base such as writing programs, literary nonprofits, Literary theatre (plays based on books), book distributors, book towns, literary agents, reading rooms, book drop of points, editors, copy-writers, bloggers, reading groups. Please join in and lets us know what you have organized and what your requirements are. This way other community members might want to participate as well.
  • Publisher: Publishers can be in direct communication with readers and writers. They can answer questions from our community such as who is accepting manuscripts, for what genre and what type of new writers.

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