5 Tips to Stay Motivated When Writing a Book. Authors will tell you that writing a book is a process that requires lots of time and dedication. It’s easy to become discouraged and lose your way in a mess of detail and plot. It is also a solitary exercise where it is just you - alone with your laptop or pen and a bunch of characters from your imagination all jostling for position and not moving your story forward the way you want. Different writers use different methods to see themselves through sticky patches. There’s no ‘right’ way to write, but some of these tips might help.  

1. Get enough rest

If you write for very long hours without taking a break, you don’t give yourself a chance to absorb what you’ve just written and might start finding you write less fluidly or make mistakes on details as your brain slows down with tiredness. Let your mind rest to let your story grow.  Amazingly, many authors say they can wake after a good sleep with a great new idea - or answer to a plot problem!

2. Aim for a bit of structure to your day!

Writing is a very intense process. Requiring a lot of dedication and time. Some writers have no structure or routine in their daily writing effort. Others have ‘proper’ jobs to do and cram writing into odd moments.  By creating a writer’s timetable, you will see a simple structure and timeframe that might help you schedule writing your book – with some of the steps and tasks you might schedule listed.

3. Get others to give you feedback...

Progress is only made when other people look at your work and offer suggestions to help. What do they like? What irritates them? How could the writing be made better? Friends and family are usually a writer’s first port of call, but an honest critique writing group who are not in your inner circle will provide you with more instructive and profitable feedback and encouragement to complete your book and offer support on those bad days which they, being writer’s themselves, understand.

4. Do not despair if you hit Writer’s Block!

Almost everyone experiences short or long-term periods of writer’s block at one time or another. If you prefer to go weed the garden or play computer games, why not? No one can write all the time and many writers say they get inspiration while doing cooking or walking the dog. I always have a very tidy house when starting a project!

5. Join a Book Group.

Discussing books with other people can help you understand what readers like about books and what makes them read on- all useful for a writer. Check out Meetup for your book group.  

Hopefully, this will spur you on to realize that everyone who is trying to write can occasionally hit a brick wall. Everyone at LiteraryGlobe is here to support you!

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