We are LiteraryGlobe

In the world of literature things are forever in flux! A most disturbing phenomenon is the fact that more and more bookstores are closing due a declining lack of interest and immense online competition. People also rely more and more on e-readers, and if they want to buy a paperback or hardcover, they search online for the best possible deal and the lowest shipping fee. It's clear already for years that prominent technology giants are taking over the literary market by pushing small and bigger players to the brink of collapse and across.

Our Mission

LiteraryGlobe has been created to cater to the needs of all players in the field of literature. However, we prefer to cater the needs of the somewhat smaller players. Through our platform all users who created a profile can sell e-books, physical books, literary related services, and more. They can also add literary and other interesting literary related events to the globe. Together all literary parties involved with LiteraryGlobe create a global community based on shared values, ideas, and passions.

Our Knowledge

Knowledge is central at LiteraryGlobe. Everyone within our small team contributes to our knowledge culture. But it doesn't stop at just gathering that knowledge. We share, debate and document. Through a wide array of online services our users can directly tap in to this knowledge. We help conceive, create, and grow online presences from the implementation of a simple dot on the globe all the way up to an attached fully fledged e-commerce portal.

Our Promise

We deliver optimistic and diverse storytelling, experiences, and points of view to our audience of smart, curious, passionate people.

Our Vibe

At LiteraryGlobe we make magic. We dream it, and then do it together every day reinventing what's possible.

My name is Liesl, and I was the owner of the English Bookshop. During the 10 years that I had the shop, I was taught some valuable lessons and gained great experience. I also saw how many people were writing books that didn’t meet the readers' expectations. They had been slaving away, only to discover that their book would never be sold. The book world is challenging, as all industries are, and you need to address this challenge with a plan of action. I invented LiteraryGlobe to do just that! Next to working on my platform I love walking my dog poky. enjoy music, and read!

My name is François, and I am a seasoned full stack developer. I live high up in the French Alps and next to skiing and climbing I love creating innovative websites and web applications. I started working on Liesl's idea at the start of 2018 but since then became her partner.  Together we work very hard to make literaryglobe.com better and more useful for our members, our advertisers, our readers, and our visitors.

LiteraryGlobe is based in Amsterdam. We currently only have a small team which means we typically respond to emails within a business day or two.

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