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The Literary Globe Academy is designed for writers who've dreamed of publishing a book but are unsure where to start. The Literary Globe Academy offers the course Art of Marketing your book. This is a 3-part book marketing course: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The courses are tried and tested. They are based on my experience as a bookstore owner. And they are quick to take, easy to read, and fun!

  • The Bronze Module focuses on market research and its importance in selling your book. To maximize your commercial success, complete this module before you write your first word.
  • The Silver Module focuses on social media promotion. In this age of 24/7 connection via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and other popular apps, this is an essential component of your marketing strategy.
  • Our Gold module provides step-by-step guidelines for the pre-release, launch and post-launch of your book.

Finally, when all the chapters are complete and you're ready to launch your book, invite the entire Literary Globe community to participate, maximizing your exposure in the literary universe.

Each module includes interviews, VLOGs, exercises, and research aimed at helping writers achieve maximum commercial success. Among these 20 optional modules, you'll find tutorials on:

  • How to become a better writer
  • The importance of book branding
  • Setting up a writer's timetable
  • Understanding ISBN numbers
  • Writing an attention-grabbing query letter

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