What does the €50 life-long membership entitle you to?

This gives you a mini-website within the LiteraryGlobe to include the following functions:

  • An online bookstore selling facility for your own book (ebook and physical book). Fulfillment takes places at your website.
  • A multi-level event page that will tell the global community when and where you are presenting your book.
  • The ability to connect by friending community members and selling more.
  • The browse functionality means that you can be found easily by readers and others.
  • Your green spot profile is available to view in 2D and 3D.

The advantage of this is that you do not have web-development and domain costs. This is a good start and if your writing career develops you can consider building your own website.

Who can benefit with a membership to LiteraryGlobe?

Aspiring writers, authors (published and self-published), bookstore owners and avid readers—virtually anyone connected to the world of books—will benefit from membership to LiteraryGlobe. No matter where you are in the literary world, you'll gain marketing expertise, connections with potential audiences, and a focused marketplace for literary services.

For whom has this platform been created?

This platform is suited for readers, writers, publishers, authors (published and self-published) and literary service providers who are able to offer their services to writers, bookstores, and publishers.

What type of events can I create?

We host many different types of events such as author readings, book awards, book groups, book fairs, book cafes, book marketing, critique groups, free book depository locations, home-book sales, literary related theatre, story reading, university writing programs, writing retreats and writing workshops If we are missing any other literary-related event please email us and we will add them.

I have a bookstore. Can LiteraryGlobe help me?


What's in it for a bookstore:

The bookstore is the heart of the literary community. We love bookstores and we wish to support them. It's our mission to return readers to them.  To make this possible we need you to register with us and complete a professional profile.

  • You can let new readers find your bookstore, provide practical info such as opening times, what type of book collection you have and what makes your bookstore special.
  • You can create direct links to your own bookstore website.
  • You can upload a short-film of your bookstore giving readers a virtual experience and promoting your bookstore or event.
  • Booksellers know what books sell and what readers like to read. You can promote a self-published author that will probably never be seen by a publisher but deserves recognition.
  • By providing information on the event page you can let our community know what's happening so that other readers may join.


I am a Literary Service Provider. Can the Literary Globe help me?


This part of the Literary Globe is dedicated towards organizations that all have a literary base such as writing programs, literary nonprofits, literary theater (plays based on books), book distributors, book towns, literary agents, reading rooms, book drop-off points, editors, copy-writers, bloggers, reading groups and more. If we haven’t listed your literary service provider category email us and we will add it to the Literary Globe.

What's in it for a literary service provider:

  • Access to our readers and writers. A targeted and focused marketplace for your services.
  • A one-stop-shop for your customers where they can find and contact you directly.
  • A customized profile to support your business and expertise. Links to your own website, promotional videos, and a listing of your products and services.

You might list the books that you have translated, ghost-written, illustrated or edited. Add testimonials, professional qualifications, or memberships of professional organizations. You can also advertise an exhibition of book illustrations, an open day at a writing-school, a coffee morning on the benefits of employing a ghost-writer.

I'm a published or self-published author. Can LiteraryGlobe help me?


What's in it for a published or self-published author:

  • You can friend other bookstores that are selling your books.  As well as new or existing readers and publishers.  This will help you keep track of your book.
  • You can create a direct business link to your own bookstore.
  • Your profile is mobile friendly this means that our readers can find you quickly.
  • You can upload a short-film to promote your book to new readers.
  • You can create events and readers can follow, attend your book launches and/or discussions.
  • You can keep the community informed by giving updated info such as when the new book will become available, re-ordering additional copies or in some cases ask for collection.
  • You can sell directly to readers by way of linking to Amazon, Book Depository or any other affiliated program.
I have joined the LiteraryGlobe. What can I upload?

You can upload scripts, articles and short stories. In fact, anything to do with your written word.

Can I sell my physical and e-books through LiteraryGlobe?


You can sell your physical book and e-book through LiteraryGlobe. First, you need to create a profile and in My Bookstore you can sell your book directly to readers by way of linking to Amazon, Book Depository, or your own affiliate programs. Fulfillment takes places at your website.

We are a library. Can LiteraryGlobe help us?


What's in it for a library:

  • This will give the literary community practical info about the library such as opening times, what readers can do and how they can contribute to the library.
  • By creating events on the event page you can let our community know about future events so that other readers may join.
As a traditional publisher, can LiteraryGlobe help us?


What's in it for a publisher: 

  • You can communicate with the community by friending readers, bookstores and literary service providers.
  • You can reduce the slush-pile by viewing manuscripts electronically.
  • You can link e-books and physical books to your bookstore.
  • You can put out calls such as what type of submissions or publishing requests you are looking for all in a single place!
I have a book town. Can LiteraryGlobe help us?


What's in it for a book town:

  • By creating a profile this can have details of the book town such as location, opening season and what visitors can expect.  
  • By creating an event you can inform the community about when the book town season begins or ends.
  • You can upload a short-film of your book town giving visitors a virtual experience of your book town.
I am a book fair organiser. Can LiteraryGlobe help us?


  • By creating a profile you can inform the community about your book fairs.  Giving information such as location, presentations/discussions and what visitors can expect.
  • By creating events you can let the community know what you are promoting and when.
  • You can upload a short-film of your book fair giving readers a virtual experience.
I am a reader. What can LiteraryGlobe do for me?

We offer membership to readers free of any charge. Your profile will never appear on the globe. 

  • You can discover new bookstores, rate books and be eligible for special offers.
  • By browsing LiteraryGlobe you might discover new authors.
  • You could visit a book town or book fair this will give you a chance to sit among the locals.
  • You could find and join a book group meeting or author reading.
Rate this book. Thanks for voting. What does this mean?

The community can vote for your book on your profile. However you need to be logged in to make this work.  The maximum score is ten stars.  If you get the maximum it might mean more potential book sales for you!