Will Artificial Intelligence ever be able to replace creative writing?

GPT-2: A Natural Language Model: OpenAI’s researchers knew they were on to something when their language modeling program wrote a convincing essay on a topic they disagreed with. They’d been testing the new AI system by feeding it text prompts, getting it to complete made-up sentences and paragraphs. They had the idea of asking it to argue a point they thought was counterintuitive. In this case; why recycling is bad for the world. What happened is that it wrote a really competent, really well-reasoned essay!

It's very probable that in the future it will be able to help writers create unique content extremely fast. However, most established writers have established their own style, and the development of a particular style might be a few steps too far for GPT-2 and its successors for decades to come.

All in all, this can be considered a scary but unstoppable development. What do you think?