Introduction Book Marketing Workbook. This workbook is designed for unpublished writes inexperienced in marketing. Our aim is to give you step-by-step guidance on the marketing process of books plus some support during the pre-launch, launch and post-launch milestones. We want you to become a successful author.

While at the English Bookshop, so many writers told me they were “not a marketing person”. Unfortunately, however, marketing is a part of modern life, and we cannot survive without understanding how it works.  Here at LiteraryGlobe we hope we hope to help you gain the necessary marketing knowledge to navigate through the system and get your book published. 

You may not realize but starting your marketing process even before you begin writing your book will give you a much higher chance of success. Ideally, you would already be working on marketing your book while completing the IntroductionBookMarketingWorkbook through the LiteraryGlobe.

The Book Outline Workbook contains 3 modules for you to work through: Introduction, Intermediate, and Advance. Each module should take you approximately 4 weeks to complete.

The marketing course will include:

  1. A marketing workbook to help guide you through this process.
  2. An estimated time allocation for all activities.
  3. A timetable guideline for completion.
  4. Brief vlogging interviews from other writers.
  5. Membership of a forum to gain support from other writers.
  6. Access to The LiteraryGlobe for assistance in your marketing tasks.
  7. Homework tasks!

Once you have completed all modules up to advance, you will be enabled to sell your self-published e-book or book.

The IntroductionBookMarketingWorkbook is a great start to implementing your marketing strategy. Your marketing initiatives will continue to grow as the years progress and more of your books are sold.  Good luck!

If you need support with the Introduction Book Marketing Workbook. Please contact us in the chatroom