I arrived at the Frankfurt Book Fair mid-morning filled with excitement after having taken the short drive from the Frankfurt Airport. I had originally planned to attend the Frankfurt Book Fair to gain exposure for the launching of the Literary Globe but my actual experience tuned out to be much more valuable.
It was said that the Frankfurt Book Fair is a huge event but that does not do it justice – this event was enormous! One section of the fair had 6 full floors dedicated only to international publishers and it was impossible to wade through the room most of the time! The rooms were packed-full of publishers and it was so amazing to witness.
There were still more sections of the fair to get through and this was nearly impossible to do in the limited time that I had. I was fortunate enough, however, to get a short interview regarding the current and future status of women in business which I will broadcast for your enjoyment shortly. It was a very enlightening interview and I hope any women entrepreneurs or authors can gain valuable insights from it as well.
The remainder of the afternoon was dedicated to talking to unique bookstores and book sellers that I wouldn’t be able to find on the internet. It was a great deal of fun and there are so many unique books out there – I don’t even know where to start! It may just need to be an experience that you have for yourself.
After a wonderful experience at the fair, I was so full of information and new knowledge that I decided to experience a bit of German culture and fill my belly too. I took myself of for a curry worst, potato salad and large beer – Germany sure has some great customs!
I am not quite sure yet if the evidence was worth it yet on a professional level but it definitely was on a personal one. Professionally, I picked up a ton of business cards and was able to represent the Literary Globe with my new specially-made t-shirt. Hopefully this will lead to lots of new connections and increased use of the Literary Globe platform. As for personally, one thing is for sure – I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I am thrilled to be back working in the book world! I am so grateful that I get to live out my passion.

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